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Utopia Villas Sheikh Zayed project

Utopia Mall, Hadayek October

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Our Vision

In the Utopia Group of Companies, we always keep in mind that our goal is to raise the concept of housing and the standard of living, whether in the workplace or in any project that the company creates. We are a pioneering Egyptian joint stock company in what we do, and we always seek to invest in new projects and other challenges based on the requirements of our customers, which we meet and even exceed, as well as the needs of the real estate market. Global standards in business are constantly changing, and therefore, Utopia Company has succeeded in keeping pace with these standards as a well-established company that continues to grow and diversify in order to gain customer satisfaction and adhere to the requirements imposed by reality. Over the past twenty years, Utopia Company has grown and branched out and become a strong entity with a unified goal, which is to provide high-end residential and tourism projects accompanied by all services and facilities as an integral part of planning these projects. Therefore, Utopia Company is an essential component of the new era of development and is one of the strong and important entities in the field of real estate investment. Utopia Company is a model for sound investment opportunities as well as participation in the real growth of Egypt in various fields such as real estate development, tourism projects, construction, and the implementation of the state’s plan to solve the housing problem. It is an integral part of the national economic system and constantly seeks what is good for the people of Egypt and aims to improve the way of life for members of society. From its clients. At Utopia, we invest in our human resources in all sectors, as we constantly update our administrative skills and work methods in order to develop a fully trained and qualified workforce. We also know that the best qualified human resources must be familiar with the latest technology trends in order to be able to face internal and external challenges. We insist on conducting comprehensive marketing research to discover the future requirements of our markets and customers and focus on meeting these needs. We believe that we enhance our success by always seeking new solutions and creative designs and introducing the most efficient consultants and suppliers respected by everyone in order to further develop and improve our projects. These foundations are the keys to the success of Utopia Company, in addition to its fulfillment of all its pledges, commitments and deadlines towards its customers.


Our Mission

The company is looking forward to contributing with the New Urban Communities Authority in offering housing units for low-income people, within Greater Cairo and some Upper Egypt governorates, in order to contribute to solving the housing problem for young people and in line with the state’s policy in this field and to create new job opportunities when implementing these projects.


Our Value

In the future, the company is looking forward to focusing on medium-sized housing and low-income housing and hopes to increase its projects in this field to serve a large segment of Egyptian society and contribute to solving the housing problem. The company is looking forward in the future plan to building units of medium-sized housing for low-income people in installments over different periods. Therefore, the company It aspires to be listed on the stock exchange to obtain new resources that will support the company to increase its activity in a short period of time and to increase capital so that it can access financing methods away from bank financing, by offering a share of the company in the future through the stock exchange so that it can realize these giant projects that It requires huge amounts of money, as the company is looking forward to expanding in the near future to bring the number of units it offers for medium-sized housing for low-income people to 5,000 housing units.